Miffy, a cute little bunny

Hello lovely people, before I start I just want to say these took forever to do. Every other design I've ever done has been done with nail varnish and dotting tools but with this is decided to do the outline with black acrylic paint and a brush and it look so much longer than I thought it would (and I'm still not happy with the result!)
Anyway, Miffy nails!

The books the outfits are from are:
Thumb: 'Miffy goes flying'
Forefinger: 'Miffy's birthday'
Middle finger: 'Miffy at the gallery'
Ring finger: 'Miffy at the seaside'
Little finger: 'Miffy at the zoo'
I was tempted to do all the animals from 'Miffy at the zoo' but opted to do different outfits instead after my friend said it would look better.
P.S. I used my dad's posh camera this time, do you think it looks any clearer?


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