Then and Now: Week 12

Hey everyone, today's then and now post is a little different from previous posts as I actually have two examples of what these looked like 'then'. There's probably a years difference between all the posts so you can see how much I've improved each time (I also apparently was incapable of keeping my nails a similar length previously). As usual, the 'then' posts will be after the jump

Both times previously the blue was Barry M - Blueberry but it's unfortunately still missing, so I had to use Barry M - Turquoise instead this time around. Originally everything would have been done with a dotting tool and nail varnish, but this time I mainly used acrylic paint except for the base colour and leaves, and a small brush.  The white base colour is Essie - Blanc, and previously would have been Barry M - Matt White

As you can see I actually mattified the second mani, but for once when I mattified these nails they didn't look good (I feel betrayed) so I had to stick to a shiny finish. I actually remember taking the above picture, because I did it in the centre of town and my friends were yelling at me to hurry up, but that was in the days before I had a lightbox and I knew the light was about to run out (blogger problems), this time I had no such issues. 

What do you think? I actually think I prefer the centre of the roses from the second time around, and I'd have rather done it in Barry M - Blueberry, but otherwise I'm pretty please with how these came out. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


P.S. the giveaway winner was chosen on the 14th, but unfortunately did not reply in time, I'm now awaiting reply from the re-draw so please check your emails and spam to see if it's you!


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