Then and Now: Lilac Roses

Hey everyone! I'm back (finally) with a new then and now post. I know a lot of you said in the comments of my giveaway that you'd like to see a few more then and now posts so I thought I'd bring it back. Although, I wont be doing it every week like before, just when I feel like it. This week I'm redoing a stripes and roses combination that a few of you may remember as it was probably around a year ago that I did it, in fact you can actually see it on my blog here, but the difference in nail size is huge. I actually cut my nails a bit too short this time around, so the difference is even bigger than it should have been, but oh well! As always the 'then' picture will be after the jump. 

Look at the length of those nails! I can hardly believe it's the same hand. 

I completely forgot to add polka dots to the rose nails and I really wish I had because I think they really add to the design.

This time I started with a base of Barry M - Berry Ice Cream and used striping tape along with MASH - white, rather than freehanding the stripes like before. I got the idea to use tape here from The Nailasaurus. In fact I got the idea to recreate this design from her because I really wanted to try it out using tape. The roses are Barry M - Passion Fruit and Barry M - Bright Pink, with Barry M - Key Lime, all topped off with a coat of my favourite top coat in the world, Seche Vite

What do you think? Which do you prefer? Let me know in the comments! 


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