Digital Dozen Does Books - Day 1 'Phosphorescence'

Hey everyone! I am now a member of the digital dozen, I have actually been a member for a few months but I've not had the time to complete the challenges. If you dont know what the digital dozen is, it's a group of nail bloggers who post 5 days a week once a month, based around a theme. This month's theme is books. As a massive book lover I'm surprised how hard I found it to come up with ideas for this week. I haven't even got 5 ideas yet! (Any suggestions are welcome in the comments). 

Today's post was quite easy to think of though, as this book is right at the front of my bookshelf (I have so many books that I have to put some behind) and I've been meaning to make it into a nail design for ages. The book I chose is 'Phosphorescence' by Raffaella Barker, which my younger teenage self read a LOT. You'll probably find that the majority of my posts this week are books for children or teenagers, as their covers seem to a thousand times more inspiring, and this of course is no different. This will be quite a picture heavy post so I'll put the rest on a read more after the first picture. 

Here's the book:

As you can see I didn't copy the design exactly, because I didn't feel the writing in the water or the rope around the life belt was necessary. 

To do this I started with a base of Layla - CE73 and then I put Layla CE33 over that using the saran wrap technique. I topped that off with a coat of INM Out The Door Topcoat* because it's fast-drying, and then I put Models Own - Aqua Splash* over that. Aqua Splash* is from the new Splash collection and can be found here. I did find that I needed a bit of placement but it still looks great. It reminds me a lot of their mirrorball collection, although I've never tried any of the collection so I could be wrong. Nevertheless it still seems quite unique. On the other nails I used acrylic paint to draw on a life belt, and topped that off with another coat of Out the Door.

Models Own 'Aqua Splash'
I just wanted to include a bottle shot of Aqua Splash because look how gorgeous it looks! 

What do you think? Will you be getting any of the new splash collection? Let me know in the comments! And dont forget to check out my giveaway

*some of the products in this post were provided to me for review, however my opinions were not influenced in any way and are entirely my own


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