More valentines and a new technique!

Hey everyone! So yesterday you got 2 posts in one day, dont expect that very often because it probably wont happen again haha. Anyway, today's post is yet more valentines day related nails, please tell me when it gets too much because I absolutely love doing hearts and I have a couple more designs planned yet! I also wanted to test out a new technique that I'd heard about, using my new bottle from Born Pretty Store

I know many of you like to use empty used bottles for this technique, but I've always struggled to completely empty them, and for those of you who are out there, and incapable like me, but really want to use the PVA glue technique, this is for you. The bottle is pretty similar to a seche vite bottle, with a slightly longer lid. The brush isn't too wide and all round it's quite easy to use. You all know how much I hate glitter just because of the removal, but now I can't get enough of it, seriously GIVE ME ALL THE GLITTER. On that note if anybody wants to buy me a new bottle of Essie - Beyond Cozy I wont say no ;)

So I filled the bottle with PVA, and then applied it to my nails just like normal polish. My lovely friend Emily advised me to wait 20 minutes, or at least until it was completely clear and dry to touch, so I did. And then I removed it tonight, it was SO easy, I will be using this every time without a doubt. I'm afraid the removal picture is awful quality because my camera is dead and I need to buy some more batteries so my phone shall have to suffice. 

Before I show you the removed nails though it's probably best that I actually explain the nails! I used my set of Essie minis from the Winter 2012 collection which includes leading lady, snap happy and beyond cozy, all of which are beautiful, and I also added Barry M - Bright Pink. The base is of course leading lady. I used a small detailing brush for the hearts. These pictures truly don't capture the beauty of leading lady, it's so so beautiful. 

As you can see they all removed perfectly and there was absolutely no damage to my nails after at all. If you put PVA on your skin and peel it off (which by the way, is AWESOME, and your childhood probably included doing it at some point) it doesnt damage the skin, and it doesn't damage your nails either. I would 100% recommend this technique, and for those of you who are incapable of cleaning bottles just like me then you can get an empty bottle here at Born Pretty Store, and if you use my code KHL91 then you can get 10% off!

What do you think? Both of the nails and of the technique? Let me know in the comments, I love reading what you have to say.

And dont forget to enter my giveaway! If you win you could buy this bottle ;) 

This product was sent to me for review but any opinions included are entirely my own and were not affected in any way by anyone else


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