Mixin' it up

So, about a week ago I entered a competition that involved 'accent nails' but as I only found it late on I had to use an old design. However, it got me thinking and I decided to just mess around a bit and see what I came up with. I also wanted to do something simple because my exam revision is taking over my life. Well that failed... these were an absolute disaster. I bought a new top coat the other day and the lady was like 'yeah sure that'll be as good as seche vite'. Well, I doubt she's ever tried seche vite if that's the case, this is so runny that nothing sticks to the brush so you're pretty much dragging a dry brush over your nail (which of course smudges your lovely design) in the end I just got too angry and put the last drops of my seche vite over it. (I need some more!) Anyway, enough ranting here's the design, I'm sorry it's so long since the last post but like I said revision is just OTT at the moment :(

Oh, and my thumbs sore, hence the lack of photos of it :P


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