Day 8: Metallic

I've been dreading this day because I hate the look of metallic nails on their own, but then I thought, why not add something else? I couldn't really think of anything and so I googled 'metallic things' (so original) and a picture of a paperclip came up... BRAINWAVE. Remember that annoying paperclip from microsoft word? "How can I help you today?" by leaving me alone :D Anyway, I decided to do him/her on my nails (do paperclips have a gender? maybe it should just be it) this post is rambling so I'll be quiet and let you see the nails. They didnt turn out as I hoped but the idea is there nonetheless :)

I just found this funny :P

I used Barry M silver foil and acrylic paints topped off with Seche Vite top coat



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