Day 20: Watermarble

So as I mentioned yesterday, I'm doing day 19 and day 20 in the wrong order. Mainly because I was dreading the watermarble and just wanted to get it out of the way and secondly because I'm now not going to be at home for a month. I've brought all my nail varnishes with me (yes, all 300+ of them D:) because I'm a crazy lady but I wanted to be sure I could do them with the materials I have at home + my sisters help (which just meant she stood there and watched basically, but still).

So here you go, watermarble nails. I HATE WATERMARBLING. I was surprised I even managed to get a pattern this time, normally it just sinks to the bottom, although they're still awful. I also made them matte, to give them a little bit of awesomeness, if not much. Though I do quite like the thumb, I smudged the corner which is why there's some random dots there but the whole frenchie effect is pretty cool, a total accident but nevertheless still cool.

You only get one photo because I'm so ashamed. If it wasn't part of a challenge I wouldn't even post them, so consider yourselves (un)lucky to get one ;)


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