Striping practice

Hey everyone! So today I have an experimental kind of design for you. The wonderful Algae Veronica recently sent me some polishes (as I showed on my instagram @onenailtorulethemall) and one of them has been something I have lusted over for a very long time - Essie 'navigate her' so of course the second I got it I had to use it, but I also really wanted to practice my brush skills. Up until about 4 months ago I had never (!!!) used a brush for my nail art, every single design was done with dotting tools, so it's been difficult for me to build up the confidence to use a brush. It sounds stupid I know, but I'm always worried that it will flick out or go splodgy and ruin my design, and this sometimes does happen, so I'm often over-cautious with my designs and I dont want to be, so I know I need practice. But this time around I wanted to practice my striping skills, so here you go, everything here except the base colour was done with a medium length striper brush or a black striper.

I used Essie - Navigate Her, Art Deco Stripers in white and black and an unnamed pink from Boots, along with a medium length striper brush

P.S sorry for the bad quality photos, the weather was awful and I was in a rush, but I shall soon have my lightbox ready to go (yay!) and pictures should be better from then on


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