Then and Now: Week 7

Hey everyone! I'm sorry for the delay in posting, I've had a pretty busy week because I got back from uni and I was seeing all my friends who I hadn't seen in a while, I hope you dont mind! So today I have week 7 of my then and now 'challenge' which, as promised, is christmas related. I was debating whether to include these at all because I actually did these last year but I promised last week I would, and I also think it's a good way of seeing how I've improved throughout the past 2 years, and I guess these nails are becoming a bit of a tradition as well! More after the jump.

Oh look, bonus picture of my kitchen in focus! As you can tell I was reeeeally bad at taking good photos 2 years ago, I had improved more by last year but this years is definitely better. 

I used Barry M - Matt white as the background and did both years previously too, this year I used OPI -  Don't Mess With OPI for the holly leaves, Barry M - Red for the holly berries, Barry M - Silver glitter, and Sally Hansen - Just in lime for the inside of the leaves. This year all was done with a brush, last year all was done with a dotting tool, and the year previously all was done with a nail art pen (I guess my photography skills aren't the only thing that's changed)

Last year's nails.

What do you think? Which year was best? Let me know in the comments!


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