Which is best? Comparing Cuticle Treatments

Hey everyone! Today I have another 'Which is best?' post for you, this time on cuticle care. Sorry this is a day late but I didn't get home until nearly midnight last night and I just wasn't up to posting. I will be comparing Beauty Secrets Cuticle Oil, OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil, Burts Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, Jessica Nourish Cuticle Formula*, and LUSH Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter

Comparison No. 1 - Smell
(1 being strongest 10 being the least)
  1. OPI Avoplex - 8/10 smells really nice and not that strong
  2. Beauty Secrets - 8/10 smells quite nutty, but faint and it's really nice
  3. Burts Bees - 6/10 Lemony, but more pure lemon than lemony flutter and not quite as strong
  4. Lemony Flutter - 5/10 Strong and lemony (obviously) but it's really nice
  5. Jessica - 2/10 strong and 'grannyish' (only way to describe it) very perfumed

Comparison No. 2 - Greasiness:  
(1 being very greasy and 10 being not very) - Of course they're going to be greasy as they are there for moisture, but sometimes it's a bit too much
  1. Burts Bees - 8/10 you don't need much and it's not too greasy, it doesn't leave a feeling of greasiness like lemony flutter/Jessica do
  2. OPI Avoplex - 6/10 very greasy because it's an oil but it sinks in very quickly
  3. Jessica - 4/10 probably as greasy as lemony flutter if you use too much, but a little goes a long way so it's not as greasy if you use barely any
  4. Lemony Flutter - 2/10 very greasy because of how soft it is, even if you just use a little bit
  5. Beauty Secrets - 1/10 as it's an oil its very very greasy, and you do have to wipe it with a tissue

Comparison No. 3 - Does it work:
  • Lemony Flutter - Yep, and whilst the grease does put me off as I can't do things whilst it's on, it's definitely worth having
  • Jessica - Yep, after about a weeks use you will definitely notice a difference, and a little goes a long way
  • OPI Avoplex - Yes, it soaks in to the skin and really moisturises as a result
  • Beauty Secrets - Not really, it's just permanently greasy until you wash it off and I really wish I'd never bought it
  • Burts Bees - Yep, there's a reason that it's a favourite of the bloggers!

Overall thoughts
  1. OPI Avoplex - works well and is easy to apply, and doesn't smell too strong
  2. Jessica - it works and a little definitely goes a long way so the size of the tube should definitely not bother you, although the smell is a bit offputting for me
  3. Burts Bees - As I said before, there's definitely a reason that this is a favourite with bloggers, I haven't been using it enough to see whether it truly works for me, but I used to use it a lot during my high school years and I love it then, the smell isn't too strong and it isn't too greasy
  4. Lemony Flutter - I love it when I'm not in a rush, it's great to apply before bed, but I find it's not very practical if I'm just about to type a blogpost for example as it stays quite greasy for a while, but it definitely works
  5. Beauty Secrets - I dont like it and I wish I hadn't bought it, the only nice thing about it is the smell but it's way too greasy for me

Of course, different things work for different people, so I'd love to know what your favourite is. Let me know in the comments!

*some of the products in this post were provided to me for review but my opinions are entirely my own and were not influenced in any way


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