Tutorial Tuesday: Drips

Hey everyone! Today I'm starting a new feature called 'Tutorial Tuesday,' I have a tonne of tutorials to show you but I never seem to post them. I've added a tutorial tab to the top of my blog due to Sarah's fabulous suggestion, but it made me realise that I just don't have enough tutorials. So for at least the next 10 weeks I will be doing a tutorial every tuesday for you all, I hope you like it!

Today's tutorial is for my drip nails, I did these quite a while ago and a tutorial was requested, so to whoever requested it I'm very sorry it has taken so long

You will need:
·      Barry M – Lychee (or a cream/nude polish)
·      Barry M – Blueberry ice-cream (or a blue polish)
·      Barry M – Berry Ice Cream (or a lilac polish)
·      Barry M – Dragon Fruit (or a pink polish)
·      Barry M – Black and White nail art pens
·      Small brush
·      Top Coat

Step 1: Paint your nails with a base of Barry M – Lychee
Step 2: Using a small brush paint a basic outline for your drips, this doesn’t need to be perfect
Step 3: Colour in the lines from the previous step
Step 4: Using the black Barry M nail art pen, outline the drips
Step 5: Using the white Barry M nail art pen, draw the reflections for the drips
Step 6: Finish off with a topcoat to seal in your design, a matte topcoat is great for making the drips really stand out

And that's it! What do you think? Let me know in the comments


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