Gradient chevrons

Hey everyone! I'm not going to say much today because I have an exam first thing Friday morning and I'm so so underprepared I could cry, but I wanted to post so you lovely people are not kept waiting. This design came about after a bit of experimenting. I was trying out China Glaze - It's a Trapeze, and I thought I'd try layering it over another colour rather than wearing it alone. I'm sure this has probably been done but I've not seen it (let me know if you have so I can check it out!). I then decided to add a gradient, but being someone who isn't great with simplicity I then also had to add chevrons (are they chevrons? or are they just triangles? I dont know, but to me they are chevrons!).

I used a base of an no-name W7 polish I got in a set from TKmaxx, and I can't remember the colours I used for sponging because this was a while ago but I know the red and pink are definitely by Barry M.

I really like how It's a Trapeze looks alone and I definitely want to try it out a bit more in the future. 
What do you think? Let me know in the comments!


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