Xbox nails!

Hey everyone! This design was repeatedly requested by my boyfriend and his best friends for months before I actually got around to it, and I'm kind of disappointed that I didn't do their request more justice, because this is really not my best work. I did these around 2 months ago and I've been strongly debating whether or not to post them for a very long time because I really am not proud of them, I think I really messed up the execution and they could have been much better. Nevertheless, this blog is a gallery of my work and I spent quite a long time doing these and it would be a shame to waste that time!

I cant really remember much about these because I did them so long ago but I know that the matte top coat was MASH - Matte Top Coat.* Which, as you can see it's not quite as matte as most top coats, but I actually really like it like that, especially for these nails which didn't need to be too matte. It also dries super fast

What do you think? Am I being too hard on myself or could these do with improvement? If so, what improvement? Let me know in the comments!

*This was provided to me for review but all opinions are entirely my own


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