Seven Deadly Sins Challenge: Week 4 - Sloth

Hey everyone! Today I'm back with another seven deadly sins challenge post and this week it's 'Sloth'. The prompt for this was 'dont try too hard but explain how to do something really easy [tutorial]' so here you go! I decided to create an easy gradient youtube tutorial, with 'Chalk Dust' by Maybelline over the top. I'm pretty sure this is the only thing I'm going to be rocking on my nails during exam time as they're super easy to create. But dont worry I have a load of posts lined up for you so this isn't all you'll see. 

The base colours for this nail were Clinique 'Juiced up', 'Splish Splash', '70° and Sunny' and 'Pinkini' which i shall be reviewing soon, and also 'Hula Skirt', which I reviewed here, and then I sponged 'Raindrop' by NYC, Barry M 'Passion Fruit', Barry M 'Prickly Pear', and Barry M 'Cobalt Blue', all topped off with a coat of 'Chalk Dust' by Maybelline (a much cheaper, and bigger, alternative to the new Loreal black and white glitter for all your Brits)

And here is the Youtube tutorial (excuse the weird intro, I didn't have time to record one and my friend edited the video so she had to mash one together, oops!). For some reason it wont let me add the video to this blogpost but I'll try again tomorrow if you're too lazy to click the link!

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!


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