A bit of a jumble

Hey everyone! I will only be posting on Wednesday and Saturday until next week, and then hopefully things should become more regular again! You might also have noticed that I've changed the comments back to having a spam check, I'm sorry I've had to do that, I was getting around 8 spam comments a day and it was just getting a bit annoying, I hope you will still take the time to comment, I do love reading what you all have to say!

Now, onto the nails! I was feeling a bit uninspired, so I decided that I would just paint my nails a lovely colour (OPI - Thanks a Windmillion) and see where I went from there. Then when I had it on I thought of doing an accent glitter nail, and then the whole black and silver theme came to me and that was it, I just painted what I felt like. I used black acrylic paint and Barry M - Silver foil, alongside Barry M - Limited edition silver glitter. I particularly like the middle finger and will most likely be doing a whole hand of that, so I apologise that you'll be seeing such a similar design sooner or later. Anyway, I hope you like them!



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