Poker anyone?

Hello! So today was a bit of a spontaneous one. I've wanted to re-do a card manicure for a very long time, I did them a couple of years ago (okay maybe one) for 'charity day' at my college where we all dressed up, I was the queen of hearts and so I had cards on my nails as a result, but I never managed to get a good picture. I did get one picture, and I did originally post it on my tumblr, but I took it down after a day because it was such bad quality, and I must have deleted it from my computer too 'cause I cant find it anywhere! So count this as my first 'then and now' post, without the 'then' part. The proper post will be coming on Saturday, which will hopefully be the official day of posting 'then and now' manicures but we'll see how that pans out.

But for now, here are my card nails. I based these around poker, now I've never played a game of poker in my life but my flatmates are quite into it, and have tried to explain the rules to me, but I just can't seem to pick it up!

I used Barry M - Matt White and acrylic paint. The diamond and the heart were doing using a nail art pen which was really splodgy (not a word) and I had to tidy the sides up a bit with white acrylic paint. I decided to use it as an experiment and wont be doing so again!

Hope you like them!


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