Then And Now: Week 1

Hey everyone! Today I have the first installment of 'then and now'. I can't remember exactly when I did these nails but I'd say it was around 2 years ago, and I'm hoping my skills have improved in that time! If any of you have any old photos lying around and want to have a go at the 'challenge', please do :D

Apparently I also didn't know how to colour coordinate then either, because these flowers are crazy, but I enjoyed doing such a bright and colourful design. I find that I struggle for inspiration more than I did then, I didn't need much to give me a design and I wish I could still have that, even if the designs were a little mad! The original design was created doing a dotting tool, I only remember that because that's all I ever used then, a set of dotting tools was one of the first things I bought and I used nothing else until about 6 months ago when I decided to try using brushes in this post. As I've mentioned before, I'm still not very confident with brushes, so sometimes I will turn back to my trusty dotting tools, but not this time, I know now that it's a lot quicker to use the brush from the nail varnish to create big flowers like this, so that's what I did. I then used a dotting tool for the dots and specks within the flowers. Original picture after the jump!

For the base colours I used Nails Inc - 'grosvenor crescent' for the pink and Nail Inc - 'putney bridge' for the purple. Both went on in one coat which is awesome, and I'm definitely glad I spent £30 on a set of 10 (oops). 
Then I used Nails Inc - 'hyde park gate' for the green flowers, a mixture of Barry M - yellow and a tiny bit of Barry M - matt white for the yellow flowers, and China Glaze - refresh mint for the blue flowers.
For the white spots I used Barry M - matt white, and for the black specks I used acrylic paint

I told you the pictures were horrendous! 

I hope you liked my first 'Then and Now' post, the next installment shall be next Saturday!


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