Review: Born Pretty Store glow in the dark polish

Hi everyone! Today I have a review for you from Born Pretty Store on their glow in the dark polish number #06. I've also compared it to China Glaze's 'Ghoulish Glow', hope you like it! Each time I used 2 coats of either Ghoulish Glow or #06 and there's no top coat

So firstly we have a comparison of Ghoulish Glow and #06 in daylight. The yellow polish is #06 and the white is Ghoulish Glow. It's great that Ghoulish Glow doesn't leave a colour but it's not a big deal for #06 because it's what you expect from a glow in the dark polish. After all OPI's 'Zombody To Love' (which you can see here) is a very obvious green. More pictures after the jump!

Now here is them in the dark. I felt it necessary to show you the difference between the first and the second photo because although it's not that noticeable in the photos Ghoulish Glow lasted barely a minute with a strong enough glow to notice, whereas #06 is very clear and very bright in both pictures. I also love #06 glows blue, it's so bright!

This is #06 on its own and these kept their glow for a lot longer than I've ever seen Zombody To Love or Ghoulish Glow manage!

I decided to create some nail art with them too, because of course this is after all a nail art blog and I couldn't resist, so glow in the dark drips it was!

This is the only photo with top coat because I kept these on a bit longer.

I love the effect of these, even if I did put too many drips on them.

Overall, I was incredibly impressed with #06, it dried fast, as did Ghoulish Glow, and although it was yellow the incredible glow it produced made it worth it. I will definitely be buying more colours from this range, even if halloween is over!

#06 retails at $4.99 on and if you use my coupon of KHL91 you can get 10% off!

Hope you liked this review,

This product was provided for me to review by Born Pretty Store, my views and opinions are entirely my own and I was not influenced in any way for this post


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