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Hey everyone! I'm enjoying (in my opinion) a well deserved break at the moment, so I should hopefully get a few nail designs done!

Today's post is a bit weird, in fact I'll let you see them first...

 ... it looks like I have lots of skill (kind of), but really I just did them with a gel pen, that's right: a pen! I was super bored in my lecture, and I had plain nails from my glow in the dark nails post, and of course I hate plain nails. I normally doodle tonnes on my notes, but for some reason decided it would be a good idea to draw on my nails instead. 

When I was done I took a picture and uploaded it to my Instagram (@onenailtorulethemall) and Twitter (@onenailtorule) because I was convinced they were going to smudge before I got back to my flat (this was in the morning) and before I could get a better picture, BUT THEY DIDN'T. I can't believe it, all the previous times I've done this in lessons I've wiped it off straight away, because I didn't think it lasted. There's a slight amount of tipwear but nothing major, and I even managed to top coat it! Now I have a wonderful new technique for thin and intricate designs, and I can't wait to use it in more posts! (It's not cheating is it?)

I hope you liked this post!
Let me know what you think in the comments, is it cheating?


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