Can owls be romantic?

Hey everyone! Did you miss me? It's nearly been a week since you last saw my nails! I actually did these nails last wednesday, but I knew Emily's post was coming up and I didn't want to leave you with no post this week so here you go. 

These nails are one of only two designs I've ever done directly from another artist, you can see the other here (unless I've forgotten about another one!). I have a folder of screen grabs on my laptop and I was just browsing them, not actually intending to do any nails from them, and this design really stood out to me. It was a screen grab from youtube so I went on the hunt for the original tutorial, but unfortunately it had been deleted, I managed to find a full picture of the nails here (mine was only a partial screen grab with no thumb) and decided to do my nails based from that. I know my owls aren't anywhere near as good, but nevertheless I still really like them!

I used a base of Models Own - Blooboo, and added tiny white dots using Essie - Blanc and a dotting tool, I then painted the moon in white acrylic paint, and then put a top coat straight over that, it came out pretty bumpy so I added Essence - Top of the Ice-Stream to give it a creamy tint and to hide any bumps. Then I used a tiny brush and Models Own - Nude Beige for the brances, a mixture of China Glaze - Gaga for Green and OPI - Dont Mess With OPI for the leaves, and then black acrylic paint for the writing and owls, and red acrylic paint for the hearts. All topped off with 2 coats of Seche Vite. 

What do you think? Have I done justice to the original? Let me know in the comments


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