New Barry M Gelly Nail Paint 2013 swatches and review

Hey everyone! As promised, I have a review of the new Barry M gelly nail varnishes to show you today. I was SO excited to receive these for review. I'm sure many of you have realised by now that Barry M is my number one love over any other brand, so I'm completely in awe that I'm now a blogger for them! Anyway, they have released 4 new gelly nail varnishes to add to the 9 that they released last year. I haven't tried any of them, but from what I've heard the only thing different is the colours, which I must say I absolutely LOVE. Swatches and information after the jump.

First up is Greenberry, I had a hard time capturing the colour of this, and both photos show it to be slightly more blue than it is. I would call it the perfect turquoise. In the following photo it looks an even lighter blue, which I didn't notice when editing but nevertheless it's not that either. I'd say the above picture is the more accurate of the two. This is 3 coats. I'll sum up at the end what I think of the polishes.

Next up is Papaya which is a lovely coral colour. One thing I think about this collection is that Barry M have introduced all the polishes that really complete their overall selection, and that's certainly true of this polish, and the nude 'Lychee'. I really love this colour, the picture is pretty accurate. This is 3 coats again. 

Next is Dragon Fruit which is a gorgeous pink. Some of you may remember that a while back I posted on my instagram looking for a dupe of an old unnamed pink polish that I really didn't want to run out, and this is pretty much a dupe, so I'm very happy about that! I would describe this as a 'Nicki Minaj' pink, I'm not her greatest fan but I'm sure you all know what I mean! This was 3 coats. For some reason this was quite difficult to photograph without it seeming excessively bright but this is still pretty accurate.

Last but definitely definitely not least is my favourite polish of the whole collection: Lychee. This is an absolutely gorgeous nude and I have already created some nail art with it, which you will see on friday. The formula is also a lot better than the rest of the polishes and although I used 3 coats again I could have probably got away with 2. 

So... what is my verdict?

  • Gorgeous colours 
  • Great formula
  • The usual brilliant brush and bottle shape
  • Only 3 coats and with good application you could get away with 2
  • Long-lasting, I wore these throughout the day on a trip to London, where lots of rummaging through bags and purses was involved and there wasn't even a mark on them!
  • No staining from any of these polishes
  • These were pretty slow to dry, but possibly only because I'm a naturally impatient person and I didn't really wait between layers for them to dry. 
These will be available in Superdrug and on the Barry M website from February 13th, and in Boots from the 20th. You can get updates on this on their Facebook and on their Twitter.

What do you think? Will you be buying any of these polishes? Let me know in the comments!
Tomorrow I will have Barry M's new textured polishes to show you so make sure to have a look!


This product was sent to me for review but any opinions included are entirely my own and were not affected in any way by anyone else


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