Guest Post by Very Emily!

Hey everyone! I'm still in the midst of piles and piles of revision (literally) so my very lovely friend Emily, from Very Emily offered to step in and do a guest post for me. I've not known Emily long but she's become a very great friend to me and I'm honoured to have her beautiful work on my blog, read on to see what Emily has to say about her post!

First of all, thank you so much Alice for having me! I am so excited to share a guest post on One Nail To Rule Them All.  Alice has become a great friend to me over the past few months, but I've always been a huge admirer of her blog. She does such beautiful designs and her photos are simply beautiful!
For my guest post I decided to do some nail art with one of the polishes Alice was kind enough to give me for my birthday! She got me Barry M's Foil Effect polish in Gold which is just the most incredibly opaque gold. It's probably one of the best gold polishes I've tried! It's absolutely perfect for nail art.
I ended up painting a baroque print on my nails using Barry M Foil Effects in gold, over Barry M Dusty Mauve. I also used the gold Barry M as an accent nail.
I really love how this baroque print turned out! I've seen a few girls do really beautiful baroque print nails, but Candice a.k.a. MrCandiipants was my main inspiration for this design. Huge thanks again to Alice for asking me to create a guest post for her blog. I had such fun doing these and I really hope you like them! 


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