Exciting news!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you know that my images are now featured on the Barry M website for their new nail art pens! This is super exciting for me and I'm absolutely honoured to have had my swatches chosen.

You can see the rest of my swatches here along with a full review of the pens.
In other news, my laptop has broken, so whilst I did have some great posts for you planned for the next few days, I cant post them because I dont have access to them, I should hopefully be getting a new laptop on tuesday and I'll try my best to post soon after that, but I'll need to get photoshop set up and stuff.

I have a few designs on my instagram which I've done on other people that I was thinking of grouping together as a post, would you be interested in seeing that? Because I can upload that from a uni computer (like I am now). Let me know in the comments!



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